Metal (grade) Elements Present
1100 Al
2011 Al, Cu
2024 Al, Cu
2219 Al, Cu
3003 Al, Mn
3004 Al, Mn
3105 Al, Mn
5052 Al, Mg
5182 Al, Mg
6061 Al, Mg, Si
6063 Al, Mg, Si
7005 Al, Zn
Alum. Cans (UBC) Al, Mn
Alum. Foil Al

Brass & Bronze

Metal (grade) Elements Present
Hard Brass Cu, Zn
Semi-Hard Brass Cu, Zn
Red Brass Cu, Zn, Sn, Pb
Semi-Red Brass Cu, Zn, Sn, Pb
Cartridge Brass Cu, Zn
Yellow Brass Cu, Zn (<1% Fe, Pb, Sn)
Naval Brass  (464) Cu, Zn, Sn
Aluminum Bronze  (954) Cu, Sn, Al
Manganese Bronze Cu, Sn, Mn
Silicon Bronze Cu, Sn, Si
Phosphor Bronze Cu, Sn, P
70/30 Cu, Ni, Fe, Mn

Carbon Steel

Metal (grade) Elements Present
1018 Fe, Mn, C
1025 Fe, Mn, C
1028 Fe, Mn, C
1030 Fe, Mn, C
1045TGP Fe, Mn, C
4130 Fe, Mn, Mo, Cr, C
4140 Fe, Mn, Mo, Cr, C
4150 Fe, Mn, Mo, Cr, C
4340 Fe, Mn, Mo, Cr, C
6150 Fe, Cr, Mn, C
8628 Fe, Ni, Cr, C
8630 Fe, Ni, Cr, C
9310 Fe, Ni, Cr, C
A513, al 1020-1026 Fe, Ni, Cr, C

Cobalt & Zirconium

Metal (grade) Elements Present
Megallium Co, Cr, Mo
Stellite Co, Cr, W, C
Talonite Co, Cr, Mo, C
Ultimet Co, Cr, Ni, Mo
Vitallium Co, Cr, Mo
Beta C Ti, Mo, Al, Zr, Cr
Zircaloy, any grd Zr, Sn, Fe, Cr
F75 Co, Mo, Ni, Fe


Metal (grade) Elements Present
Copper #1 Cu, O
Copper #2 Cu, O
Sheet Copper Cu, O
Bare Bright Copper Cu
Beryllium Copper Cu, Be, Co, Si
Flashing Copper Cu, O

High-Temp Alloys

Metal (grade) Elements Present
Inconel (625, 718, 600, etc) Fe, Ni, Co, Cr, Mn
Haynes (25, 556, 230, etc) Ni, Cr, W, Mo, Fe, Co
Hastelloy (X, F, C, K, T, etc) Fe, Ni, Cr, Mo
Duplex (S31200 – S32950) Fe, Cr, Ni, Mo, Mn, Si
Incoloy (800H, 825, etc) Fe, Ni, Cr
Invar (36, etc.) Fe, Ni, Mn, Co, Cu
Nitronic (60, 50 / XM-1) Fe, Cr, Ni, Mn, Mo
Monel (400, R-405, K-500) Ni, Co, Mn, Fe, Cu
AR/HR-120, A-286 Ni, Cr, Si, Mn, Mo
NA22H, Super22H Ni, Cr, Fe, W, Mn
RA333 Ni, Cr, Co, Mo, W
HE, HH, HL, HN Fe, Cr, Ni, Mn, Si
HP, HV, HW Fe, Cr, Ni, W, Mo


Metal (grade) Elements Present
Mo. Type 361 Mo
TZM Mo, Ti, Zr
MHC Mo, Hf, C
ML Mo, La
MY Mo, Y
MoZrO2 Mo, Zr, O
Vanadium Alloy Mo, C
Niobium-Mo Alloy Mo, Nb


Metal (grade) Elements Present
Nickel 200 Monel 617 Ni, Cu
Nickel 201 Monel 625 Ni, Cu
Monel 400 Ni, Cu
Monel R-405, B-1900 Ni, Cu
Monel 617 IN-738 Ni, Cu
Monel 625 IN-939 Ni, Cu
Inconel 600 Merl 76 Ni, Cr
Inconel 601 MA754 Ni, Cr
Inconel 625LCF Ni, Cr
Inconel 686 Ni, Cr
Inconel 716 CMSX-4 Ni, Cr
Inconel 718 SPF Ni, Cr
Inconel X750 Ni, Cr
Inconel 751 Ni, Cr
Inconel C-276 Ni, Cr
Inconel G3 Ni, Cr
Incoloy 800 (H & HT) Ni, Cr, Fe
Incoloy 864 Ni, Cr, Fe
Incoloy 865 Ni, Cr, Fe
Incoloy 909 Ni, Cr, Fe
Incoloy 925 Ni, Cr, Fe
Incoloy 20 Ni, Cr, Fe
Incoloy 28 Ni, Cr, Fe
Incoloy 25-6 Ni, Cr, Fe
Incoloy 27-7MO Ni, Cr, Fe
Nimonic Alloy 75 Ni, Cr, Ti, Al
Nimonic Alloy 80 Ni, Cr, Ti, Al
Nimonic Alloy 105 Ni, Co, Cr, Mo, Ti, Al
Carpenter 20 Ni, Cr, Fe

Nickel-Based Alloys

Metal (grade) Elements Present
Nimonic Alloy 105 Ni, Co, Cr, Mo, Al, Ti
Nimonic Alloy 115 Ni, Co, Cr, Mo, Al, Ti
PE11 Ni, Fe, Cr, Mo, Al, Ti
PE16 Ni, Fe, Co, Cr, Mo, Al
PK33 Ni, Cr, Co, Mo, Al, Ti
MP35N Ni, Co, Cr, Mo
Alloy 42 Ni, Fe
Alloy 48 Fe, Ni, Co, Mn
Kovar (K) Fe, Ni, Co
Ferro Alloy Fe, Ni, Co
Ni-Span-C Alloy 902 Ni, Fe, Cr, Ti, Al
Waspaloy Ni, Cr, Co, Ti, Al
Udimet Alloy 188 Ni, Co, Cr, La
Waukesha (alloy) 88 Ni, Sn, Fe, Cr, Bi
Rene (alloy) 41 Ni, Cr, Co, Mo, Fe
Invar (alloy) 36 Ni, Fe
Haynes (alloy) 188 Ni, Co, Cr, W
Udimet 500 / 700 Ni, Cr, Fe, Co, Mo
Nickel 200 Ni
Nickel 201 Ni
MP98T Ni, W, Al
Rene N4 Ni, Co, Ta, Al, Cr, Mo

Precious Metals

Metal (grade) Elements Present
Gold (18k, 14k, 10k) Au
Platinum Pt
Silver Ag
Coin Silver Ag, Cu
Sterling Silver Ag, Cu
Cerium Ce
Rhodium Rh

Stainless Steel

Metal (grade) Elements Present
201 Fe, Ni, Cr
301 Fe, Ni, Cr
302 Fe, Ni, Cr
303 & 303L Fe, Ni, Cr
304 & 304L Fe, Ni, Cr
310 Fe, Ni, Cr
316 & 316L Fe, Ni, Cr
331 Fe, Ni, Cr
347 Fe, Ni, Cr
409 Fe, Ni, Cr
410 Fe, Ni, Cr
416 Fe, Ni, Cr
420 Fe, Ni, Cr
430 Fe, Ni, Cr
436 Fe, Ni, Cr
439 Fe, Ni, Cr
450 Fe, Ni, Cr
3035 Fe, Ni, Cr
A236 Fe, Ni, Cr
15-5 2507 Fe, Ni, Cr
17-4 2205 Fe, Ni, Cr
17-7 Fe, Ni, Cr
18-8 Super Duplex Fe, Ni, Cr

Tin & Lead

Metal (grade) Elements Present
Britannium Sn, Pb, Sb, Cu
Pewter Sn, Pb, Sb, Cu
Solder (Sn or Pb) Sn, Pb
Soft Lead Pb
Scrap Lead Pb
LinoType Pb, Sb, Sn
Range Lead Pb
Antimonial Lead Pb, Sb
Arsenic Lead Pb, As
Leaded Copper Pb, Cu


Metal (grade) Elements Present
Grade 1 Ti
Grade 2 Ti
Grade 4 Ti
Grade 9 Ti, Al, V
Beta 21S Ti, Mo, Nb, Al, Si
15-3-3-3 Ti, V, Cr, Al, Sn
Ti 6AL-4V, Grd 5 Ti, Al, V
Ti 6AL-EL1, Grd 23 Ti, Al, V
Ti 3A1 2.5 Ti, Al, V
Ti SA1-2.5 SN Ti, Al, Sn

Tool Steel

Metal (grade) Elements Present
A-type (air hard) Fe, Cr, Mn, C, Mo
D-type (high C, Cr) Fe, Cr, C, Mn, Mo, V
F-type (special) Fe, W, C
H-type (hot work) Fe, W, C
L-type (special) Fe, Cr, Mn, C, Mo, Si
M-type (high speed) Fe, Mo, C
O-type (oil hard) Fe, Cr, Mn, C, Si
P-type (mold) Fe, Cr, Ni, C
S-type (shock resist) Fe, C, Cr, Mn, Mo, Si
T-type (high speed) Fe, W, C
W-type (water hard) Fe, C, Mn, Si, Mo
A10 Graph-Air Fe, C, Mn, Si, Ni, Mo
High Speed Tool Steel Fe, W, C
Graph-Mo Fe, C, Mo, Si, Mn
LSS 4140 & 4142 HT Fe, Cr, Mn, C
CPMT15 Fe, W, Co, V, Cr, C
CPM REX76 Fe, W, Co, V, Cr, C
PM30 Fe, Co, W, Cr, V, Mo
PM-M4 Fe, W, Mo, Cr, C
PM-M48 Fe, W, Co, Mo, Cr, V
CPM 1V – 15V Fe, Cr, Mo, W, V
420 Steel Fe, Cr, Mn, Si
Knife Steel (any grd.) Fe, C, Cr, Mo, V, Mn
17-4 Fe, Cr, Ni, Cu
105WCr6 (1.2419) Fe, W, Cr, C
120WV4 (1.2516) Fe, W, V, C
100Cr2 (1.3501) Fe, Cr, C
100CrMnSi6-4 (3520) Fe, Cr, Mn, Si, C
AUS-8 Fe, Cr, C
Maxamet Fe, W, Cr, V, C, Co


Metal (grade) Elements Present
Densalloy W, Ni, Fe
Mallory W, Ni, Fe
Densimet W, Ni, Fe
WNiFe W, Ni, Fe
WNiCu W, Ni, Cu
Inermet IT170 W, Ni, Fe, Cu
Tungsten Carbide W, C


Metal (grade) Elements Present
Die Cast Zinc Zn
99/1 Zn, Al
98/2 Zn, Al
95/5 Zn, Al
J1 Zn
S1 Zn
Commercial Grade Zn, Al
Zamak 12 Zn, Al, Cu, Mg, Fe
Zamak 11 Zn, Al, Cu, Mg, Fe
Zamak 7 Zn, Al, Cu, Mg, Fe
Zamak 5 Zn, Al, Cu, Mg, Fe
Zamak 3 Zn, Al, Cu, Mg, Fe

Lead Acid Batteries

Metal (grade) Elements Present
Auto Battery Pb, H, S, O, C, etc
Marine Battery Pb, H, S, O, C, etc
Industrial Battery Pb, H, S, O, C, etc
SteelCase Battery Pb, H, S, O, C, etc
Fork Lift Battery Pb, H, S, O, C, etc


Metal (grade) Elements Present
Hard Drives Variable – per Manufacturer
Desktop Computers Variable – per Manufacturer
Laptop Computers Variable – per Manufacturer
Medical Devices Variable – per Manufacturer
Wires & Cables Variable – per Manufacturer
Telecommunication Equipment Variable – per Manufacturer
Printer/Scanners Variable – per Manufacturer
Handheld Devices Variable – per Manufacturer
Electronic Accessories Variable – per Manufacturer

Unacceptable Scrap

We Cannot Accept: Exceptions (if any):
Hazardous Waste None
Ballasts containing PCBs Ballasts without PCBs
Capacitors None
Radioactive Material None
Aerosol Cans None
Compressed Gas None
Flammable Materials None
TVs and Monitors None
Non-metallic Materials If product is >50% metal
Ammunition & Fireworks Ammunition casings
Containers w/gas or diesel Must be free of chemicals
Containers w/oil or grease Must be free of chemicals
Tanks w/propane or freon Must be free of chemicals
Scrap Vehicles Disassembled vehicle parts
Li-Ion/Ni-Cad Batteries Lead Acid Batteries
Magnesium Turnings None
AC Units w/Refrigerant Refrigerant Removed
Refrigerators w/Refrigerant Refrigerant Removed
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