Contractor Fast Lane

Get in and out quicker with Fast Lane! A recycling stop should not take hours out of a contractor's day.
Quick Payment
Get paid on the spot! Our contractor partners never have to wait weeks for payment.
Excellent Service
Don't sacrifice service for speed! With Contractor Fast Lane, our customers receive the same industry-leading recycling service.
Fast Lane ensures your safety. Our team is here to help with unloading while complying with all safety standards.
Designated Parking
Our contractor-only parking spots are closest to the front office and drop off zone at every location.
Any Size Load
Whether you are recycling several tons or just a few pounds of metal, our Fast Lanes are ready to serve your contracting business.

Contractor Fast Lane

Our metal recycling facilities have introduced a new Contractor Fast Lane for contractors to drop off their materials quickly and efficiently. The faster lane has been designed to expedite the process of dropping off materials, allowing contractors to get in and out of the facility in no time. The metal recycling facility has implemented this system to help contractors save time and effort, while also ensuring that they get paid faster for their materials. With the Contractor Fast Lane, contractors no longer have to wait in long lines or deal with the usual hassle associated with the traditional drop-off process. Instead, they can enjoy a seamless experience that allows them to focus on their work and maximize their profits.

With Fast Lane, contractors do not need to sacrifice the payout they receive or any element of their recycling experience. As a service-oriented company, we strive to give all customers the same unmatched level of commitment whether they are dropping off 100 tons of steel, 200 lbs of copper wire, a pickup truck of mixed HVAC material, of a garbage bag of aluminum cans. If your business does any type of contracting work in Southeast Wisconsin, please give us a call today or stop by any of our three locations to see what benefits the Fast Lane may have for you!

How to Use the Fast Lane

Just look for the signs!

At our St. Francis location, contractors should look for the “Contractor Parking Only” signs located closest to the drop off area and the office entrance. At our Milwaukee north yard, contractors should use the separate scale lane designated as “Contractors Only”, as well as the spots located nearest to the office. At our Milwaukee central facility, contractors should look for the signed parking spots located closest to the front office.