Certified Destruction

Certified Destruction

Certified destruction is an privacy-oriented service provided by CRS to ensure that confidential and sensitive materials are destroyed in a secure and compliant manner. We offer utilize processes that are designed to destroy materials such as data storage devices, computers, and other materials that may contain sensitive information. We follow strict protocols to ensure that the destruction process is carried out in a secure and environmentally friendly manner. Once the materials have been destroyed, we issue a proof of destruction to provide assurance that the materials have been properly disposed of. Our service is especially important for businesses that deal with sensitive information, as it helps to protect our clients’ privacy and prevent unauthorized access to confidential data at any point in the recycling process.

Proof of Destruction

Proof of destruction is a critical aspect of the certified destruction process, which provides assurance that confidential materials have been destroyed. There are three methods we frequently use upon customer request. Our most common method is to provide a certificate of destruction that includes the date, time, and method of destruction. This certificate also identifies each material destroyed and confirms that they were destroyed in compliance with industry standards and regulations. Another method we can use is video recording, which captures the destruction process and provides visual evidence of the materials being destroyed. Thirdly, we can provide an auditable chain of custody from the point of collection to the final stage of destruction. This method ensures that the materials are securely transported and stored until they are destroyed, and provides proof of destruction through documentation of the entire process. Ultimately, the goal of proof of destruction is to provide our customers with the confidence that their sensitive materials have been safely and securely destroyed in a way that complies with regulations and standards.

CRS Takes Your Privacy Seriously

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With CRS’ certified destruction, you will receive proof of destruction that gives you confidence that your sensitive data was destroyed securely and professionally.  If you are looking to recycle materials that may contain sensitive data, contact our office to see how we can help.